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On 11th February 2013, in a ceremony held in Arusha, Tanzania, to announce winners of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, Tanzania was recognized as the leading nature destination in Africa. Out of the selected Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, three of the World Heritage Sites of Tanzania, namely Kilimanjaro National Park (Mount Kilimanjaro), the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Ngorongoro Crater) and Serengeti National Park (Serengeti Migration) were voted into the celebrated list.

Have you ever dreamed of staring into the amber eyes of a Serengeti lioness only seconds after a hunt? How about trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro for the most spectacular sunrise of your life? Everyday dreamed of spending a week on Zanzibar, lounging on powdery-white sand beaches under palm trees? If so, welcome, Emnayata Expeditions is dedicated to make that Dream come true. We all belong to Africa. It is the birthplace of humanity, the nursery where we learned to walk, to talk, to play, to love. Our everyday life is founded upon a talent for innovation that was first used to make stone tools ... in Africa nearly three million years ago.
From those beginnings we have colonized the globe, built modern civilizations and travelled to the moon. The thread to join us to our African ancestors stretches across thousands of generations, but still tugs at the heartstrings as we marvel at Africa’s landscapes, wildlife, and people. Emnayata Expedition is the gate to our origin.

We at Emnayata Expeditions focuses on reciprocity and relationship, sustainable practices and social responsibility. Our staff is 50% female and 100% local, and all of us welcome you to Tanzania. Weave your life into our rich, cultural heritage, our world-class wildlife, and age-old landscapes. Let us dream together. Let us craft an experience of a lifetime.

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View the great wild beast migration

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Ngorongoro crater

The world´s largest volcanic caldera.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest point in Africa

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Zanzibar Island

Island with amazing beaches

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